Construction Site Portable Toilets

Construction Site Portable Toilets

Renting Portable Toilets for Your Construction Site

Portable toilets are a crucial component of construction projects, ranging from home remodeling to commercial construction. If you have hired a construction crew to work on your property or you manage a crew, you may find yourself in the position where you need to rent portable toilets.

Whether you want to rent toilets for a long period of time or every once in a while for random projects, you need to determine the best way to rent toilets you can count on. Not sold on construction site portable toilets? Here are a few reasons renting toilets is a good idea.

Portable Toilets Meet Requirements

Depending on where you construction site is, you might be legally required to offer bathrooms to those working on your property or project. If you fail to comply with these standards and rules, you could see your job site shut down. Sometimes, you can face significant fines that leave you financially strained. Be sure to look Osha Guidelines regarding restroom sanitation prior to starting your project.

Portable Toilets Improve Productivity

Have you noticed that your employees or contractors becoming less productive when they need to leave the premises to use the bathroom? Not only does the construction worker have to leave the job site, but frequent trips away can also disrupt the relationship between your workers. Individuals who often leave can create conflict that disrupts the job.

As deadlines loom, you want to rent portable toilets that keep your workers on site. Otherwise, you might find yourself losing money because of the time spent coming and going.

Portable Toilets May Be Cost-Effective

Sometimes, construction managers end up paying for their employees to use a different bathroom. They might make an agreement with a local business to use their toilets. Unfortunately, this plan can be more expensive than actually renting a portable toilet for their own work site. It is often more cost-effective to rent a separate toilet.

Additionally, renting portable toilets means you are not responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the bathrooms. You may not even need to transport them yourself. You save time and money by renting toilets maintained by a professional service, and your employees enjoy the cleanliness these toilets can offer.

Finally, you can discuss the length requirements for your rental with the company you rent from. You need not rent toilets during those times your construction crew is not working. For a flexible and affordable option, get in touch with a rental company to learn more.

Portable Toilets Improve Morale

No construction manager wants to see their employees unhappy on the job. After all, unhappy workers are not the most productive employees. When you rent portable toilets, you give your employees peace of mind that they won’t have to plan their bathroom breaks strategically.

And, of course, your clients are happy knowing that they have construction workers who are productive and content with their workplace.

Portable Toilets Improve Public Image

When you use other public restrooms or ask a business to use their bathrooms, you may disrupt others and their workplaces. You can build a better reputation for your construction company if you rent a portable toilet for your job site.

Portable Toilets Are Easy to Rent

Renting a portable toilet for your construction site begins with understanding your needs and what is available. A standard portable toilet offers plenty of space for your employees and contractors. When you pair a standard portable restroom with a wash station, you also have a sanitary workspace.

Nationwide Waste Service delivers portable sanitation solutions you can count on. Call us today at (855) 301-2530 to discuss our rates and availability for standard portable toilets that you can place at your construction site.