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Happy Father's Day!

Father’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about the events you have planned.

Many people plan family events, community events, and church events to celebrate the love of all the dads out there.

One thing to remember is that all of those people will need a place to go to the restroom. Plan ahead, and have portable restrooms available to make the day that much nicer.

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Father's Day Events Around The US

Father’s Day is a great time for early summer events. Falling in the second week of June, the weather is usually great, and everyone is excited to get outside. Here are some Father’s Day event ideas:

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Dads love fishing and the love sharing fishing with the kids. Planning a fishing tournament is a great way to get dads involved and give the families something to do. Match that up with a barbecue and a few beers and dad gets a relaxing day that he’ll think about for years.

After a day of fishing what would be better than grilling with the guys? Dads love to show their grilling prowess and to stand around and BS with the other fathers in the neighborhood. Plan a block party where the dads just have to show up. They don’t have to cook (although they’ll have very definite opinions about the grills and barbecue). They can just stand around, talking and taking a day off.

Lots of dads go out and play a round of golf on Father’s Day. It’s one of the few days that life doesn’t demand that the lawn get mowed. Make the golf outing a family event that everyone can join into. Make it even more special by taking dad for lunch to his favorite restaurant after shooting a round. If the kids can’t make it through 18 holes, make arrangements for them to get picked up after 9, and then mom and dad can get some quiet time.

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Crowd Handling

Whether you’re going to have 20 people or 200, you need to consider restrooms as much as you consider the food or entertainment.

There are several portable restroom options available to you. It depends on how fancy you want to get and how much you need those bathrooms.

  • A restroom trailer – This is a trailer that is pulled out to your location. It has a water tank or is attached to a hose. It also has lights and stalls, etc. This is very nice. In fact, these restrooms are much nicer than most fast-food restaurants. If you’re planning a spare no expense event, this is the way to go.
  • Solar restroom trailer – For something still really nice, but a little less big, there’s the solar restroom trailer. Two restrooms, male and female, are on a trailer that’s delivered to your property. There are lights in the restrooms, as well as heating and cooling if needed. These trailers can also be plugged in when needed.
  • The traditional – The standard portable toilet, blue and plastic, can be great as a backup to other restrooms or for shorter events. Each restroom can accommodate up to 50 people per every 4 hours of your event!  These are ideal for events away from electricity when you want to not have to worry about where your guests go. The translucent ceiling is great for sunny or semi-sunny days. Battery operated lights can also be provided for darker days or evening.

Happy Father’s Day

No matter what you choose to do for Father’s Day, whether it’s small or big, dad will love it. Most dads push themselves out of the way to take care of mom and the kids. On this day, make dad feel special and take the burden off his shoulders.

He will love it!

Reserve your choice of portable toilets by contacting Nationwide Waste Service today.

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