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Our porta potties, wash stations, restroom trailers and other portable sanitation solutions are available to rent nationwide – from California, to Texas, to New York, Florida and places in between. That’s why we’re called Nationwide Waste Service. When it comes to porta potties, we will deliver what you want, where you want, when you want…at a price that’s right with service you can count on.

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You can order these four portable toilets for delivery directly through our online porta potty store.

Standard Portable Toilet

Standard Porta Potty

Standard porta potties typically include a urinal. All porta potties have a 50-60 gallon holding tank. Blue chemical and a few gallons of water is added at delivery.

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Wash Station Portable Sink

Wash Stations

Wash stations are usually double faucet; we recommend one wash station for every two porta potties. They contain 20-30 gallons of fresh water, as well as soap and towels.

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Handicap Accessible Portable Toilet

Handicap Accessible Portable Toilet

A handicap accessible portable toilet is slightly larger than a standard at 5ft x 5ft. All our handicap accessible toilets are flat to the ground with no step up.

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ADA Accessible Portable Toilet

ADA Accessible Portable Toilet

The ADA compliant accessible portable toilet is oversized at 8ft x 8ft, suitable for a wheelchair and helper. Order a wheelchair accessible porta potty now for quick delivery.

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Comprehensive Portable Toilet & Sanitation Solutions

We also have the following products available, but please contact us by email or by phone at (855) 301-2530 to discuss your requirements. In an emergency, please call (202) 215-8693.

Standard Portable Toilet With Sink

Standard Stall With Sink

This is a standard porta potty, but with a sink in place of the urinal. The sinks are always foot pump operated. These porta potty with sink units include soap, towels, and on board water. Portable toilets with sinks will affect usage, depending on the hours/number of users, as a sink fills the 50-60 gallon tank quicker than the toilet/urinal combo.

Flushing Toilet With Sink

Flushing Toilet With Sink

The flushing toilet units can vary greatly depending on the delivery area, but they will always have a toilet bowl added so users do not have to look into the holding tank. A foot pump is used to flush the toilet.

Holding Tank

Holding Tank

A holding tank is typically a long term rental. It has a capacity of 250 gallons and is used for office trailers or restroom trailers. These rectangular plastic tanks are delivered empty and will likely require a plumber to install. Holding tanks are for liquid waste only – no contaminants or chemicals. They can be rented the same as a portable toilet, 28 day advanced billing cycle with a weekly pump out.

Double Vip Solar Trailer

Solar Restroom

A solar restroom is similar to an airplane or RV restroom; it is fully self contained. Most solar restrooms are dual stall trailers. Solar panels sit on top to charge a battery which powers the fresh water tank for the flushing toilet and running sink. The toilet is an RV toilet. Lift pedal to fill water and press pedal to open toilet bowl and flush. There is lighting inside and occupancy lights. Most do not have air conditioning or heat. It is the nicest unit you can get that is not a restroom trailer.

Restroom Trailers

Restroom Trailer

Restroom trailers can have many different configurations. Two, six, and eight stall restroom trailers are the most common, but availability of each varies by state. Restroom trailers are top of the range when it comes to portable toilet solutions. They are perfect for most prestigious events and weddings, or executive level solutions during restroom renovations. The on-board amenities are designed to deliver an experience similar to that of a permanent restroom. Restroom trailers do have holding tanks but require a 20amp or 30amp outlet and hose spigot. Some two stalls will have an onboard water tank and are popular for weddings.

Shower Trailer 8

Shower Trailer

The most common shower trailers have showers and sinks only, but there are some combo units that also have toilets. Shower trailers use a lot of water and power (30amp) They come in six, eight, and twelve stall unit. These shower trailers are heavily used for shelters and/or disaster relief.

Short Term Porta Potty Rentals

A short term rental is one to ten days. This service is typically suitable for special private events such as weddings, graduations, parties, or larger scale public events such as concerts, festivals, or sports events. Some short term rentals are for volunteer projects like house rebuilds or smaller construction jobs, such as a bathroom remodel.

Long Term Porta Potty Rentals

Long term portable toilet rentals run in 28 day cycles. This service is usually best suited to larger scale construction sites, long-term (seasonal) sports at public parks, or more permanent placements, perhaps for security guards or remote locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exceptional customer service is what sets Nationwide Waste Service apart from other providers. We are the experts in waste services, and we don’t expect our customers to be. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions, which we hope will make what we do clearer for you.

How many porta potties do I need?

That depends on usage levels. A good guide is one toilet per 50 people for events that are eight hours or less, or one toilet per 10 people for a construction site working 40-50 hours per week.

Nationwide Waste Service, Special Event Porta Potty Rental Extended Breakdown Chart

Number of units required when no pumping service is provided based on 50/50 mix of men & women. One unit provides approximately 200 uses with 4 hours between use.

For more information view the Portable Sanitation Association International  Guide to Portable Restroom Excellence

How big is a porta potty?

A handicap toilet is 5ft x 5ft, and the ADA Accessible portable toilet is typically 8ft x 8ft for a wheelchair and helper. Standard portable toilets are 4ft x 4ft and almost 8ft high. The standard toilet, standard with sink, and flushing toilet with sink all have the same dimensions.

Does a porta potty come with a urinal?

The urinal is almost always included on a standard portable toilet; it is often removed in other units and replaced with a sink that will drain into the holding tank in the same way as the urinal. Obviously, that will affect usage depending on the hours/number of people since a sink fills the tank quicker. All the units typically have 50-60 gallon holding tank. We will add the blue chemical with a few gallons of water when delivered.

Can I get an environmentally friendly portable toilet?

The chemical used to contain formaldehyde but that is rare these days; a “green” or environmentally friendly toilet is available if requested by customers.

Are porta potties delivered ready to use?

All porta potties are delivered ready to use and include two rolls of toilet paper. The standard toilet can have a wall-mounted hand sanitizer unit installed for an additional cost. This option is only available in standard toilets as the stalls with sinks use the mounting spot for soap.

When can you deliver for my event, and do I need to be there?

48 hours notice is preferred, but our portable toilets can be delivered next day, or even same day in emergency cases. Deliveries for pre-planned events occur the weekday prior to the event, and units will be removed the weekday after. No one needs to be present, we ask for placement instructions only.

What about delivery to construction sites?

Porta potties and wash stations should be delivered to construction sites the day (or week) prior to the start of the project so the portable toilets are available to workers the morning they start work.

I need porta potties for an event. What's your minimum rental period?

We price our event rentals at 1-10 days. That means if you want one of our porta potties for 10 days, it costs the same as one day. There is no service included, so if you had two consecutive weekend events, we would quote a 10 day price (Friday to the following Monday) and add a service fee for sometime in the middle of the week. (Assuming the venue allows a unit to sit there.) The length of rental is not as important as the delivery and pickup. The rental price you pay for porta potties is for delivery, pickup, and final pumpout/waste disposal.

Can you put a porta potty in my backyard for my event?

The backyard is usually not a good spot for event rentals. The trucks destroy lawns, so you want to place the porta potty near a driveway or road. Units only weigh about 100lbs on delivery and they have skids on the bottom which makes them easily maneuverable for 1-2 people. However 50 gallons of waste water weighs more than 400lbs, which is why we need to pump out the waste before removing the unit. That limits positioning of the porta potty to within 15 feet of a truck for pump out.

I need construction site porta potties. What are your rental terms?

Portable toilet rental for construction sites is different to event rentals. Short term event rental toilets are typically picked up the day you want it serviced, which makes it a special trip. Longer term construction site port potty rentals are pre-routed, so we can handle multiple services in a day. A construction site portable toilet will be delivered and charged every 28 days. Once weekly service is included in the cost on a day that suits our routing schedule. Off route services cost more. So every 28 days you are paying for four services (four weeks), 13 cycles in one year.

Can you place a porta potty anywhere on a construction site?

There are some restrictions on placement. We need to pull a truck up and extend a hose (maybe 15 foot) to pump out the porta potties. If the porta potty is blocked by vehicles or equipment on construction sites, the service will be skipped.

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