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Porta Potty Rental Cost For Construction Site Sanitation

Porta Potty Rental Cost For Construction Site Sanitation


Sanitation compliance is important in securing licenses and permits to operate in a worksite. But more importantly, addressing the basic needs of workers results in less disruption and increased productivity. Construction sites with poor sanitary provisions can mean delays and running behind schedule. So aside from sanitation compliance, the workers’ needs and comfort should also be considered. This is where portable sanitation facilities come in handy. Porta potty rental costs depend on the type of unit you choose, the distance of your project site from the location of the service provider, as well as maintenance and servicing. Here are the types of cubicles you can opt for, and prices for rental or sale:


  1. Regular or standard unit portable potty rental cost is around $150 to $350 a month, and $60 to $100 per event. The dimensions of a regular cubicle is 88” x 44” x 48”. Stsndard porta potty your sanitation solution It fits one person with a little room to move. It is enclosed with ventilation space and anti-slip floors as well as locking mechanisms to ensure privacy. These are on sale with a starting price of $700 for a brand-new unit and $300 for used ones.
  2. Handicap porta potty rentals cost around $200 to $500 a month; $100 to $150 per event. A deluxe unit has wider dimensions than the standard with a width of 60” compared to 48”. Aside from being more spacious interiors, it also has amenities such as hand sanitizer dispensers, separate urinal or shelves to place personal items. Deluxe cubicle cost $1,200 and up for new units with used ones at $700.
  3. High-rise porta potty rental costs start at $250 per month and $100 a day. It is smaller than the regular cubicle with lift points, raised by a crane to higher levels. It is designed to withstand rough conditions and utility. It can be fully or partly enclosed. The starting price for brand new one is $850 and used cubicles cost $500. Another high-rise option is the rolling high-rise – a bit smaller than the high rise with heavy-duty rollers that can be placed in very tight spaces. Its rental cost starts at $200 per month and $100 per event.Restroom Trailers sanitation
  4. Trailer type porta potty rentals cost around $1,000 to $1,500 per
    month. Trailers have the comforts of a real bathroom, with some models
    including flushing toilets, running water, paper towel, hand sanitizer
    and multiple stalls and sinks. It can be assembled on site. The
    starting sales price of a trailer type is $25,500 for brand-new and
    $10,500 for used units.


Porta potty rental costs include regular servicing and maintenance. Please take note that OSHA requires servicing and maintaining cubicles on a regular basis with a standard weekly clean up for 1 cubicle with a ration of 10 workers/40-hours/week.

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