Construction Handicap Porta Potty

Construction Handicap Porta Potty

Our Handicap Portable Toilet Rental is 5ft wide x 5ft deep x 8ft tall. The inside comes with a non-flushing toilet. This porta potty has a roof that allows for sunlight to light to come into the potty. This rental also comes with a tank exhaust vent for odor release.

National Waste Service’s handicap porta potty rental comes with a 60-gallon holding tank that has 5 to 10 gallons of prefill charge. Each rental sits on skids so that it is easy to transport and keeps everyone safe. We also offer hand sanitizer and containment tray add-ons.

Construction portable toilet rental options are considered long term orders. Long term orders are placed on an OPEN ticket which will be charged on an advanced 28 day cycle. In order to avoid additional fees you must call our corporate office at (855) 301-2530 to have the unit removed prior to the start of the next 28 day cycle.

**Nationwide Waste Service’s long term handicap restroom cost is dependent on location. The construction handicap portable toilet rental option covers delivery, pickup, disposal, once-a-week servicing, and tax.

Construction Handicap Portable Toilet Rental Services Nationwide

The Handicap Portable Toilet Rental is the go-to option for remodeling, roofing, landscaping, and other projects. As a result, this unit is desired because of its spacious interior and ventilation options.

Our discount pricing is based on the length of time and servicing options. The Handicap Portable Toilet Rental is priced on a 28-day rolling billing period. This option covers delivery, pickup, disposal, once-a-week servicing, and tax.


With nationwide availability, we are abble to provide a Handicap Portable Toilet Rental throughout the United States. Providing reliable portable toilet rentals for your event or construction project. We focus on the customer experience to ensure that you have a positive experience with our porta potty services. To start renting with us, call us at (855) 301-2530 or email us at

Not sure what to order? See all Nationwide Waste Service products to dive in or reach out to one of our friendly customer service account managers by phone at (855) 301-2530, email us at reach out via our contact page.

Why Nationwide

From standard portable toilets to ADA restrooms and solar restrooms – our product line can meet every job site requirement. Therefore we are your go to sanitation company!

While the handicap portable toilet does not come with a sink, we do have handwash stations. Our hand wash stations are free-standing and equipped with built-in handles for easy placement. The foot pump allows for washing of both hands at the same time. Wash station rental comes with paper towels and, with most models, soap dispenser or hand sanitizer. To start renting request your handicap porta potty and wash station, call us at (855) 301-2530, request a quote, or email us at

Additional information


Air Exchange Vent Pipe, Odor Release Ventilation


Occupancy Indicators


Non-Flushing Toilet


5ft x 5ft x 8ft

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