Double Vip Solar Trailer

Solar Restroom

Similar to an airplane or RV restroom; our Solar Restrooms are fully self contained. Most solar restrooms are dual stall trailers. Solar panels sit on top to charge a battery which powers the fresh water tank for the flushing toilet and running sink. The toilet is an RV toilet. Lift pedal to fill water and press pedal to open toilet bowl and flush. There is lighting inside and occupancy lights. Most do not have air conditioning or heat.

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Our Solar Restroom Trailers are affordably priced and extremely dependable. They are entirely self-contained and self-sufficient apart from the occasional servicing from our skilled service crew.

The Solar Restroom Trailers are more spacious than the standard porta potty, providing the end user added comfort and room to change clothes or set down personal items while using the unit. Each Solar Restroom unit arrives mounted on a trailer for added mobility.

Our Solar Restroom Trailers are carefully engineered to provide maximum self-sufficiency, added comfort, and a more modern look for your distinguished guests.


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