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Reduce Restroom Lines – Done

Reduce Restroom Lines – done

When your guests are attending your event, whether it be a race, concert, or wedding, the last thing they want to do is stand in line for the bathroom. At the same time, planning an outdoor event is complicated for a coordinator who does not know exactly what they need. Even the bathroom situation may present a challenge.

If you are planning an event, the key is to pay close attention to the guest experience. Bathrooms are a significant part of the experience your guests have at your event. Read on to learn more about the steps you can take to improve guest experience with portable toilets.

Increase Your Portable Toilet Order

One of the best things you can do about your restroom situation is to discuss the perfect number  of toilets with the company you are 

Nationwide Waste Service, Special Event Porta Potty Rental Extended Breakdown Chart

renting toilets from. These companies have experience renting toilets for events like yours.

You might also consider investing in higher quality bathrooms. For example, you might invest in a portable toilet trailer rather than on individual units.

The number of toilets you need also depends on the type of event, specifically if there are times when most people will be trying to use a bathroom at the same time. For instance, you might have a sudden influx of restroom-goers during a concert after the openers play but not if you are renting toilets for an arts and crafts fair.

Additionally, you need to increase your bathroom presence if your event is drink-centered. If you have a beer or wine festival, you may need more toilets than if you are hosting a craft fair.

Number of units required when no pumping service is provided based on 50/50 mix of men & women. One unit provides approximately 200 uses with 4 hours between use.


Place Toilets Efficiently

Placement of your portable toilets is critical. Your guests do not want to drink and eat near the bathrooms, but you also want to ensure they are centrally located and accessible.

One way to reduce the impact of long lines is to put your toilets away from crowds. You might also consider arranging them in a U-shape rather than in one line facing attendees. The U-shape encourages lines in which the first person can see the available toilets when people exit.

Next, create a natural line for your guests. You might use ropes to guide the course of the line to ensure it wraps around effectively without getting into the event space.

Placing toilets throughout the area is beneficial if your event is quite large. For example, you want to place toilets throughout a race to ensure guests have easy access to toilets. Signage is also helpful to prevent guests from getting lost.

Understand Guest Needs

Are you thinking about separating portable toilets by gender? Some event coordinators have good reason to do so, especially because ordering the right number of restrooms can be a challenge.

For example, women tend to spend more time in the toilet. If you want to keep your lines generally equal for men and women, you may want to supply more toilets for the women. If you have portable urinals, this may also impact your choice to divide the lines.

Speak With the Rental Company

Planning ahead of time is crucial for your event, especially when you are thinking about the length of lines involved. People leave events when they are unsatisfied with the length of time during which they must wait.

Nationwide Waste Service understands your situation. We provide portable sanitation solutions throughout the United States, ensuring you have the toilets and washing stations you need for your next event. Our team is available to handle your situation. Call us today to learn more about our restroom options for your event.

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